A Brand With History

CHATKA is definitely the quintessential brand of Russian King Crab. More than 75 years dedicated exclusively to the development of this delicacy guarantee. Our brand; CHATKA, a native of the Kamchatka Peninsula, maintains its tradition, exclusivity, quality and taste originating. A unique preparation for an unmatched product.




CHATKA has its origins in 1930 in the Bering Sea in the North Pacific Ocean near the Kamchatka Peninsula and surrounding waters of Alaska. Its striking size and unique taste made began to have a very valuable reputation to the point that in 1960 the Soviet Union decided to artificially introduce in the Murmansk Fjord, the Barents Sea, to provide new catches. A short time later would be known worldwide as “RED GOLD”.

More than 600 meters deep in an icy waters of the subarctic seas these exceptional creatures perfectly adapted to their new environment. The weather, the unpredictability of its waters and the great difficulty in their capture (considered one of the toughest jobs in the world) has made this magnificent species develop and evolve to the point of becoming one of the best seafood in the world.


paddy-mullin-1966His great strength and adaptation has promoted this great crab has spread over the years by the Sea of Okhotsk, Bering Sea and in smaller amounts in the Gulf of Alaska in the Pacific Ocean, the Barents Sea, Black Sea and coast northern Norway in the Atlantic Ocean.

King Crab CHATKA, is the largest shellfish. Its shell can measure up to 28 cm and its full size including its giant legs can reach up to 180cm. Thanks to its great strength able to live up to 20 years and reach a weight of 12 kg.

Thanks to its large and impeccable track record CHATKA enjoys a high brand recognition. Its traditional capture and craftsmanship, for almost a century ago, it confers a unique exclusivity.



Why Chatka?

cangrejo-real-ruso-chatka-100-patas-220-gramosConsidered one of the best seafood in the world, King Crab meat of CHATKA is praised and valued internationally by top chefs and restaurants thanks to its texture and flavor. His wild capture and process on board ships themselves makes their properties are kept intact.

Further; its delicate flavor, its scarcity in calories and saturated fat, and lots of protein; and vitamin B12, C, magnesium and phosphorus, it makes it a perfect choice for a balanced diet and a healthy spirit.



The CHATKA team works tirelessly to serve directly from the sea to your table the highest quality Red King Crab you can find in the world.

Our brave fishermen risk their lives daily in search of the famous “RED GOLD”; an exclusive and exquisite delicacy CHATKA want to share with you. An arduous journey whose outcome; we assure, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Join us to undertake this fascinating adventure and let us show the true power of nature right at your table.


Enjoy the pleasure of KING CRAB; CHATKA enjoy real pleasure.