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Do you have a special occasion and want to wear something different?

Is it someone’s important birthday and you want to surprise them?

Our gift packs in a lithographed wooden case is the perfect gift to add a touch of originality, flavor and elegance to a special day.



Composed by:

Two cans: black, 100% legs 150gr, white, 60% legs 150gr and a blue glass of 15% legs 190gr “le parfait” It is a wild and fresh product, ready to consume!

We offer you the possibility of customizing your own basket with any of the products on our website making it special and unique. (pvp to consult according to references)

If you want to personalize your gift basket and include a message or give it a different touch, send us your idea to

Thanks to its guarantee of flavor and tradition, its unique and incomparable flavor will satisfy the most demanding palates; and thanks to its elegant design our cases have become a trend. It will not go unnoticed either for its elegance or for its exquisite flavor.


Chatka, preserved in king crab, is known worldwide for being one of the quintessential gourmet products. Chatka is the mark of the king crab caught in the cold waters of the Okhhotsk, Bering and Barents seas.

It is made by hand from the legs and meat of this exclusive seafood.

Chatka is considered one of the best seafood brands in the world, with excellent texture and flavor. Warranty From CHATKA we work tirelessly to offer you a top quality product directly from the sea to your table. Thanks to our rigorous quality controls and craftsmanship, we are committed to ensuring that your order will more than meet the expectations of our customers.

For your peace of mind all our products have the guarantee offered by the brand in our country.

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  • If this or any product purchased on our website does not completely satisfy you, we will be happy to assist you to give you a better solution.
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