Merus/Carpus in Split

The merus is the part of the first phalanx of the leg of the king crab, considered the sirloin due to its delicate tender, freshness and exquisite taste. It comes in two options: with a pre-cut to facilitate peeling or cutting it in half, in split, so that you only have to defrost and serve to taste.

Frozen raw or deep-frozen cooked processed on board.

*** Cooked : Ready to eat. Thaw and serve.
*** Raw . Always cook before consuming. Cooking options: grilled, oven, steam or boil to the point.

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Chatka Seafood commercializes different presentations of king crab frozen, raw, cooked on board in their presentations shelled and peeled. Camchacticus Parolithodes performance is huge, other products only have a 20% of real seafood meat utilization, while Chatka products have more than 50% performance.

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Weight 1000 g

Boiled, Raw


Precortado, En split